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Today we have finally fully released our game Blackwake! After three years in early access we are happy with the current state of the game. It has gone above and beyond the base game standard we initially had. It’s been a long journey with many ups and downs, we made mistakes, learned from our failures and pushed forward to bring Blackwake where it is today.

We have permanently dropped the price to $9.99USD

We have pushed out a small patch for the game as well.
- Addressed tortuga colliders that may have been causing memory leaks
- Removed some unused assets from scene to free up memory
- Small update to make vote screen clearer
- Bots will now only occupy cannons loaded with normal shot
- Handmortar/grenades damage radius halved
- Permanent double XP for all

Blackwake started as an idea by Dakota in 2013. There was a lack of proper naval warfare games that existed at the time. Mods like Pirate Ship Wars and Battlefield Pirates were some inspiration in the initial journey in developing the game. Tyler saw Dakota’s small demos on an online forum, and offered to help push Dakota’s small idea into something much larger.

We failed a Kickstarter in 2014, with the game catering to a more realistic naval sim audience, even though we threw in a sea monster at the end of the pitch trailer. It was far too serious, and overambitious to garner any attention. While we were disheartened at the fact of this failure we tried to see if more people were interested in the concept. A few youtubers, DarkLiberator and SMii7y tried out our game with their friends, to our surprise their time playing the game was full of laughter. We realised at that point that we took our game far too seriously.

2014 Kickstarter Pitch

So in 2015, we attempted another Kickstarter, but this time with the aim for a more casual approach. That is when the comedic voice acting was born, we realized the game would be a hit. Many Twitch streamers took part in promoting the Kickstarter, we couldn’t have done it without Ngotie and Bikeman. The Kickstarter was a success raising $170k AUD. Over two years we developed the game, hired out the necessary artists, animators and voice actors to push an early access version. Our Kickstarter backers were a huge help in continuous play testing each weekend, finding bugs and suggesting features.

2015 Kickstarter Pitch

We tried to be as realistic as possible on the player base and sales for the game. Comparing ourselves to other games in similar scope and price range, we expected around 300 concurrent players at launch and selling around 30,000 copies after a MONTH.

In 2017 we finally released the game. We had some stroke of luck, the PUBG beta servers were down, the streamers waiting at the time needed something to play so they picked up Blackwake. This led to a HUGE influx of players, our servers filled up so fast we couldn’t spin up new ones in time.

After 3 years of being in early access we have sold over 1.2 million copies! We never expected the game to get as big as it did. If anyone remembers the launch we only had two ships in the game at the time, the Galleon and the Hoy. We had only planned to possibly add more ships and polish the game off, but due to the positivity of the community we continued to develop the game further.

Over the course of early access we added and removed a lot of things due to community feedback. Some things worked, some did not. Pioneering the naval genre at the time took a lot of experimenting.

New Modes
Capture the Booty mode
Teams would fight over a treasure chest to bring back to their base. First to 2 points wins.

Seige Mode
A faction would attack a fort with their ships, push a cart of explosives to a gate, then capture a flag to win.

Update 3.0 was a huge undertaking, we wanted to give players the ability to choose which ship they fought with. So we introduced ship building from docks. We had combined TDM with Siege mode to bring a mode called Conquest, which attempted to give more variance per match by letting players choose if they wanted to win by naval combat, or capturing the fort. Unfortunately this was not received well for the players that purely liked naval combat, so eventually it was scrapped.

We also implemented a new cannon aiming system. After much demand from crewman for more importance, experimenting with different methods we settled on the “grenade launcher” approach to cannon aiming. You can also turn the cannons too, which you couldn’t before. You also needed the range of ships by using the spyglass which we implemented as an item.

New Ships
Small crew vessels

Junk Ship
Tanky ship with 4 cannons a side and one front cannon

Fast moving ship with 5 cannons a side

Sort of an agile anti-boarding ship with 2 rear guns and 4 guns a side

Bomb Vessel
3 Cannons a side, 2 rear guns and a Mortar

Smallest most agile ship in the game with 2 cannons a side, and 2 front guns.

The tankiest small vessel in the game with 5 guns a side and multiple decks

Large Vessels
The Bomb Vessel, 7 guns a side, 2 front and with 2 mortars

The fastest large ship in the game, with 9 guns a side, 2 rear and 2 anti sails per side

The Cruizer
The tankiest large ship in the game with 10 guns a side

New Shot types
Initially we only had cannonballs, grapeshot and grapples in the game. We decided to expand the mechanics of it during the massive 3.0 update.

Barshot demasted ships

Chainshot was an anti sail

Heated shot caught ships on fire. No more RNG fire from cannonballs, it had to be planned for.

We wanted a bit more variance to TDM matches so we added maps that had certain environmental settings.
A volcano map which when erupted, the entire environment would turn red with ash and ships would get damaged if they were close to the volcano

An iceberg arena, with ice patches which would slow down your ship and cause holes if sailed through.

These would pick up ships and kill the crew if they were not aware of their surroundings and raised their sails.

Tortuga map arena with new islands

A ranking/prestige system, we wanted to reward players with long playtime. This worked together with unlocking of cosmetic items. The longer you played the cooler you could make your character look.

Ingame stats for those wanting to achieve some interesting things

We added crew bots to extend the life of the game. Players will replace them as they join the game.

The ability to vote and choose mode. At launch we only had TDM available, so during the 3.0 update allowed players to vote for a mode at the end of the round.

We added the ability for friends to stay together for the following rounds, by setting an ingame tag.

A new team selects a screen. Initially you didn’t even know who was on what ship until you selected it, leading to very frustrating moments trying to group with friends or balance team.

A new win screen to show players outfits and their achievements through stats and leaderboards.

A lot of new cosmetics for both factions were also added!

We also had over 500+ bug fixes and quality of life changes over the course of early access. We are quite happy with what we achieved as a two man dev team, who hired some help along the way. Seeing people enjoy the game and the happiness it brought you was the main driving factor for us to push as far as we did. Blackwake was truly driven by the community and we are proud of what we have achieved.

Thank you all for the support you have given over the years! For now we see the game as complete. Dakota plans to do a few more small fixes in the meantime.

See you on the seven seas!

Tyler & Dakota ]]>
Patch 3.88 Sat, 02 Nov 2019 07:29 CET
- Tortuga map should now properly load in
- Melee blocking has had its time limit removed due to popular request
- Damaging bots should show a hitmarker
- Joining late should no longer display dead bots as frozen
- Bots should now die from fires started by fire shot
- Bot auto-death on a grapple attach should no longer cost tickets
- Bots killed by FF should not cost tickets
- Score rewarded for killing enemy bots
- Bots should properly spawn in with just 1 player min.
- Bot deaths should no longer bug CTB capture counter
- CTB now has a cfg setting for no time limit for private competitive matches 'compCTB'
- Joining a server that has bots disabled should no longer show frozen in mid ship
- "Someone is using this" should now properly stop you from using cannons
- cfg for siege is now 'allowFortModes'
- Fixed ships sticking to new islands map

We have some upcoming news about Blackwake which will be revealed soon. For now see you on the seven seas!

Dakota & Tyler
Patch 3.88 Sat, 02 Nov 2019 07:29 CET here.]]> State of bots & Siege Sat, 06 Jul 2019 00:43 CEST

Quick clearing up:
- Bots are not intended to replace players, but help maintain the ship while a server seeds
- The intial bot patch was just a starting point, not final at all
- We were aware they were OP and got in the way, leaving little for anyone to do
- Bots will be able to be fully disabled once they are balanced. Currently they can be disabled with useBots=0 and having a password set.

June 30th
- Hotfix to bot LOD/animation syncing

July 2
- Bots now have random skill that affects responsiveness and cannon ability
- Bots no longer move at incorrect speeds on large ships
- Bots can now die to swivels

July 5
- Bots now count towards ticket loss
- Bot cannon shots do less damage to players
- Bots now have a 25% chance to miss (should not affect ranges < 300m as with normal unaimed shots)
- You can now shove bots off cannons using E, they will not touch the cannon again for 30 seconds. Shove has a cooldown of 15 seconds.
- Bots now take different amounts of time to load cannons based on their randomized skill level
- Overall bots have been drastically nerfed in speed towards every task
- Tweaks made to LOD to try and solve some animation T pose issues

After bots are balanced in their "autopilot" mode we will begin making them follow actual orders.

Following this, we will be bringing the new siege fort into the game that will not suffer from the same verticality combat issues as the current one.

3.87 - Crew Bots Sat, 29 Jun 2019 22:09 CEST
In an effort to resolve the frustration and boredom brought on by attempting to crew a nearly empty ship (often causing servers to die), we have added bots. This will help ensure there is an adequate amount of action taking place in Blackwake at any time.

Bots fighting eachother

Here is what bots currently do:
- Load cannons
- Fire cannons
- Use the pump
- Repair holes when the ship reaches a certain level of damage
- Die/respawn

They are meant to supplement playercounts while a server grows, not replace players.

Bots currently do not:
- Captain
- Participate in boarding
- Consume ship resources
- Contribute to kill statistics
- Repair nose/mast

This is only the first live iteration of bots and we plan to improve their function with time.]]>
Crew Bots - Coming Soon Thu, 27 Jun 2019 04:28 CEST
This design did not come without consequences, though. By requiring so many players per faction it started to become clear how torturous it was to simply man an under crewed ship while waiting for players to join.

Working closely with our testing community on the discord we've been implementing bots. We were trying to beat the sale, but rest assured they will be coming very soon. Gone will be the days of 3 players trying to run a galleon - a scenario so frustrating it could cause a server to stall at the 15-30 player mark.

We look forward to playing with our new overlords!]]>
3.84 Mon, 20 May 2019 04:54 CEST
  • Melee blocks can no longer be held and must be timed (will be hotfixed to be shorter next patch)
  • CTB base icons display if chest is dropped on ships as well
  • Hand mortar now always explodes on impact and no longer uses an RNG spread to apply damage
  • Tutorial volume default reduced to 60%
  • Can no longer equip tomahawk once empty
  • Fixed some LOD issues with bomb vessel causing you to fall through
  • Fixed issue where supply crates were difficult to grab on bombketch
  • Chest/Base icons now stay on screen in CTB but should snap to edge
  • Fixed text issue with fresh spawned chest
  • Chest 90 second respawn is now counted down in 15 second increments in chat
  • Tweaked some settings to help alleviate the (Clone) killing bug
  • Position on pump is now locked in the event of another ships nose touching you
  • Obvious UI box displayed on tutorial to explain how to skip it and that it is not finished
  • Drowning no longer pulls your camera to pitch black
  • Game SFX audio slider added, not all sounds may be organized yet
  • Fixed new issue where joining a match with the same name as someone else would break your connection
  • ]]>
    3.83 Patch Notes Mon, 25 Mar 2019 14:34 CET
    • Short pistol fixed to 100dmg within 3 meters, 50dmg further
    • Short pistol reload speed increased by 2 seconds
    • Annley now has 20% chance to bleed per shot from 0%
    • Annley now increased bleed rate of 50% from 0%
    • Annley reload anim sped up by 150%
    • Annley shoot anim sped up by 150%
    • Matchlock revolver now 100% chance to bleed from 0%
    • Axe swing speed increased by 20%
    • Standard pistol reduced to 50dmg per shot

    [Bug fixes]
    • Fixed bug where demasted large ships to repsawn demasted
    • Fixed bug where crew to sometimes spawn in ocean after their ship had sunk
    • Fixed bug where Galleon top mast's to be unclimbable
    • Fixed bug where the Bomb Vessel's nose tip caused players to fall through it
    • Fixed bug where changing teams caused damaged ship status UI to stick
    • Fixed bug where changing teams caused grappled ship status UI to stick
    • Fixed bug where undamaged ships would have calm ocean clip through the deck
    • Fixed bug where Win Screen would not display correct CTB team win info
    • Made hitting meleeing legs through rigging more responsive

    • Added SFX to indicate cannon turning
    • Raised ship info to not obscure captain view while sailing
    • Joining while win screen up now has a wait timer for next round
    • Added the final section of boarding to the ingame tutorial

    We definitely have some more bugs and polishing to do before we release the game. We are also going to be actively looking into the siege overhaul and two new island maps before our 4.0 Release.

    See you on the seas!
    Tyler & Dakota

    Tournamentwake II Sun, 17 Mar 2019 03:02 CET

    (made by Paren Iz Cursi, captain of RF)

    We're looking for an American-timezone caster that can cast the matches on the 6th of April and co-cast on the 13th of April, if you are interested to cast for potentially up to 100 concurrent viewers (last time we got around ~80) refer to the contact information at the bottom of this post.

    When will the tournament be played

    The tournament will be played over 2 weekends, the 6th of April and the 13th of April. There will be 2 seperate regions that will play on the 6th of april. Depending on your region the start time is UTC 02:00 (For NA/Oceania) and UTC 20:00 (For EU/Russia).

    The times on the 13th of April will depend on the results on the 6th of April.

    The exact fixtures and match details for the 6th of April will be released one week before the 6th of April when we know exactly which teams will show up, the start time that is mentioned above will not change however.


    2vs2 small ships CTB.
    No Barshot
    No game breaking exploits
    - Hiding in inaccessible parts of the ship
    - Sprinting with the booty/having a weapon out with it
    - Glitching the booty over the side of the tower
    - Glitching through ceilings/roofs
    - Intentionally having less players to speed up tasks
    - Abusing team switching
    - Intentionally teleporting the booty (staying on the rope/sails while ship is sinking)
    - Insta releasing grapples

    Small exploits allowed (Instaheal with rum/tea)
    Third party crosshair allowed (It's impossible to check who uses it so we go tour de france style)
    Unique ships (you can’t pick 2 of the same ships)
    No Ice or water spout map unless both teams are okay with it


    On the 6th of April the teams will play a round robin (everyone plays everyone once) to determine the bracket placements for the second weekend on the 13th of April.

    The bracket for the 13th of April will look like this:

    Here is a draft of the NA/Oceania league and the EU/Russia league for the 6th of april

    How to join

    Generally we play these kinds of tournaments with blackwake communities that are known to be able to field teams and show up. Communities that might be participating are:

    RF (Russian fleet)

    GT (Great Tortuga)

    Ahoy (UK Ahoy)

    CC (Candlelight Cove)

    VME (VME Community)

    AF (Anzac's Finest)SMS (The Sea Monsters)

    Other communities or groups of 14 players are welcome to sign up. Contact info can be found at the bottom of this post.

    We've also set up an individual signup! On the competitive discord .

    You'll simply need to go to the #individual-signup channel and post your information and you'll either get picked up by a team or form your own team if there's enough people!

    Where can I watch this?

    The tournament will be casted live with spectating mode and multiple casters here:
    You can also watch the VOD of the previous tournamentwake here

    Contact the Organization-team:

    If you want your Twitch link added, your community or yourself to sign up for the tournament or if you have any questions about this tournament in general you can ask them here:

    See you on the Seas!
    - Tyler & Dakota]]>
    TournamentWake I Sat, 23 Feb 2019 00:45 CET
    Hello everyone!

    The wonderful community has decided to host a tournament event this weekend. They will compete in a 2v2 CTB tournament with multiple teams.

    Where can I watch this

    The tournament will be casted live with spectating mode and multiple casters here:

    When will the tournament be played

    City Local Time Date

    Los Angeles, USA 12:00 Sat, 23 Feb
    Houston, USA 14:00 Sat, 23 Feb
    New York, USA 15:00 Sat, 23 Feb
    London, UK 20:00 Sat, 23 Feb
    Berlin, Germany 21:00 Sat, 23 Feb
    Moscow, Russia 23:00 Sat, 23 Feb
    Sydney, Australia 7:00 Sun, 24 Feb

    It will be live casted by a group of casters, mostly veterans in the game. In the link below the previous tournament with casters is linked. VOD of last time (a lot of downtime in the matches, check the comment below the video for the timestamp)

    Winners will receive the Golden Parrot Cup, a temporary trophy to display on their shoulders until the next tournament winners.

    How to join

    If you would like to join in on future tournaments check out the community discords!

    Communities that might be participating are:

    RF (Russian fleet)

    GT (Great Tortuga)

    Ahoy (UK Ahoy)

    CC (Candlelight Cove)

    VME (VME Community)

    Other communities or groups of 14 players are welcome to sign up.

    Where can I watch this

    The tournament will be casted live with spectating mode and multiple casters here:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!

    See you on the Seas!

    - Tyler & Dakota]]>
    3.82 Thu, 21 Feb 2019 01:43 CET Quality of life
    • Galleon prop collisions completely redone
    • Galleon hole position adjusted to be less inconvenient
    • Added collision to hoy port barrel
    • Captain is immune to bleeding from ship ram
    • Shooting a grappled or spawn protected ship will display in crew hit info
    • Waterspouts spawn further out
    • Block stun lasts 50% longer
    • Demasted ships now have 2x more repair segments
    • Nock gun reload is sped up by 40%
    • Number of Hand Mortar and Grenades are doubled
    • Speed of equip, light/throw of Grenade increased by 2x
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed collision on Brig's broken nose, so you can now jump onto it
    • "Travel to Ship" at the ship builder will now teleport rather than kill you
    • Reduced strength of waterspouts for less glitchy physiques
    • Player swim height slightly lowered so they don't visually float as often

    See you on the seas!

    - Dakota & Tyler]]>
    3.81 Fri, 25 Jan 2019 19:59 CET Quality of life
    • Tooltips now flash yellow (they can be disabled completely in options)
    • Shot type descriptions added
    • Galleon sink rate decreased 15%, speed increased by 10%
    • Dagger swing speed +3x
    • Bottle swing speed +1.5x
    • Bottle bleeds 3x more severely than default rate
    • Axe swings 2x slower
    • Axe is now a one hit kill
    • Rapier has a 50% chance to bleed each swing
    • Rapier swing speed +2x
    • Cutlass swing speed +2x
    • Ramming now bleeds players within a radius of the impact
    • Ship spawn protection down to 35 from 60
    • Crew spawn protection (on a new ship) down to 10 from 60
    • Respawn protection distance from ship reduced to 40m from 100m
    Bug Fixes
    • Adjusted cannon aiming code to lessen collision launching player
    • Island radius capture zone for CTB reverted
    • Fixed invisible colliders getting in the way of bullets on every ship, causing missed shots
    • Addressed collision issues that would allow ships to sail on top of other ships if they were low in the water

    See you on the seas!

    - Dakota & Tyler]]>
    3.8 Sun, 13 Jan 2019 19:05 CET - Tutorial has ultrawide 21:9 support
    - Fixed issue where mods would experience stuck kick menu in some cases
    - Fixed issue where ship labels may blink the old ship name when building a new ship
    - Made adjustment to chat box that may have caused text to cut off
    - Supply crates have had their LOD extended so players hiding behind them aren't visible
    - Captain can no longer slide off the wheel
    - Enemy nose can no longer push captains off the wheel
    - Fixed inverted glare in spyglass
    - CTB map adjusted to allow more competitive interceptions
    - CTB chest can now be captured from sea (not final)
    - Ticket scaling for the NEXT round can be toggled by an admin/mod using /ticketscale
    - Time limit reached win screen text changed to the leading team
    - Blocked weapon switch effect while spectating
    - Fixed interact zone of resupply area interrupting gunshots
    - If another ship is too close to a docked ship spawn point it will sink on construct
    - Clunky foot movement in tutorial has been fixed]]>
    3.77 Mon, 03 Dec 2018 17:10 CET
    We want to do our best to show new players the ropes before they join their first match. Keep in mind the tutorial is still a work in progress, but some education is better than none.

    - Tutorial added
    - Tutorial quality scaling when low fps is detected
    - Bleeding black/white/blood should start stronger and more noticeable, so you heal sooner
    - If you have not made it to the end of the tutorial a popup will ask you if you'd like to play it when clicking "servers" for the first time
    - Tutorial can be accessed again through the main menu
    - Fixed issue that could have been causing the recent invincible player bug
    - Bleed rate slowed by 2x
    - FF toggling itself is now it's own server option 'friendlyFireCanToggle', so the server can start with it off and it still be toggled on when a mod/admin decides to

    Tyler & Dakota

    In other news Lunaoreitic and Webbies have created a guide for running Blackwake on Linux:
    Road to Release: 3.75 Tue, 27 Nov 2018 03:17 CET

    - Repairing now continues to new damaged objects in view without constant re-clicking
    - Ship range toggle is now on by default and rebindable. FOR EXISTING PLAYERS you may need to rebind this key manually.
    - Players no longer collide with buckets
    - Ropes of your own ship now glow when not on board
    - Fixed UI issue not properly guiding you to your teams ship
    - Schooner nose should be smoother to walk across
    - Crews are now included in construction spawn protection
    - Captain loss and w:l removed from stat card to reduce toxic interactions, especially towards crews containing new players
    - Fixed pump/bucket placement on Xebec to not accidentally use the wrong item
    - Third person reload animations synced to be more reliable, fixed issue where they would loop continuously until a weapon change occurred
    - Ticket loss for non-grappled ships sinking is back after being unintentionally disabled due to the last patch
    - Ticket scaling by server has been adjusted to be less severe, and is also a server option 'useTicketScaling'

    In the next patch (3.77) we hope to introduce the early iteration of our single player tutorial so the community can begin to get a feel and provide feedback as it is completed in the coming months.

    Tyler & Dakota]]>
    Patch 3.7 Sat, 10 Nov 2018 16:04 CET
    Remember there will be little to no content additions until after 4.0 (release). With the imminent addition of a single player tutorial we look forward to new routes of promotion later in 2019 such as free weekends.

    - Icey zones should no longer damage ships mid grapple
    - After voting takes place tickets are scaled based on server population and the value set in the configuration
    - Tomahawk false positive on anti-cheat has been tested to be fixed, meaning previous efforts to make the tomahawk more reliable should be noticed
    - Fixed a bug where a specific grapple order would allow a 3rd ship to attach, possibly causing various issues for the rest of the match
    - Ramming a ship should no longer kill your own crew or damage your own cannons
    - ALT toggle has been moved to tilde (`) to avoid confusion during alt tab for new players
    - Volcano eruption should now properly result in a red sky with ash rain
    - Fixed ui-only issue of showing a ticket increase when a ship lost a grapple.
    - Fixed issue where on first join holes both existing and new were not visible for 60 seconds
    - Fixed issue where releasing a single grapple when grappled multiple times may spawn your crew
    - Fixed an exploit that allowed instant grapple releasing
    - Fixed two bugs that could cause the winning ship to accidentally go down as a loss after grappling.

    Tyler & Dakota
    Double XP week begins now! Mon, 29 Oct 2018 23:14 CET

    Work has also begun on 3.7, which will clear a lot of the grapple bugs present in the game!

    Dakota & Tyler]]>
    3.6 Halloween Update Mon, 15 Oct 2018 14:49 CEST

    Ahoy everyone!
    You'll find that the game right now is a lot more sp00ky due to the annual halloween update :) this patch also has another round of fixes/improvements. Remember, we put off most minor bugs as we approached the later stage of development. We are getting closer to the BETA stage, where we will focus on polishing and improving the landlubber experience!

    • Added annual Halloween theme to game
    Quality of life
    • Holding R will now respawn you anywhere (tickets excl. on land/dock)
    • Players now get kicked being afk in team select (excl. mods/admins)
    • CTB alerts now only appear when booty changes faction
    • Music slider should affect win music
    • CTB captures changed to 2 from 3
    Bug Fixes
    • Swivels should properly kill people in boarding range
    • Rapier stat has been tricky, but should work now
    • Fixed team select exploit of bypassing team balance
    • Ram kills now show a ship wheel icon
    • Ram kills should track more accurately
    • Attempted fix of booty breaking on round end
    • Should no longer say booty up for grabs on TDM
    • Placing cball into furnace should now consume ammo
    • Suicide no longer abusable for medals
    • Fixed second cause of bleeding UI persisting into win screen
    • Select on controller should now show correct info
    • Giving tea/rum with controller should work with LT
    • Booty/UI beverage should now work on controllers
    • Leaderboard now steamID based
    • K/D/A now preserved switching crews

    Our next few updates will also focus on long-standing bugs.

    See you on the seas!

    - Dakota & Tyler]]>
    3.5 Mon, 24 Sep 2018 18:06 CEST
    Bug Fixes

    • Ram, rapier, and hand mortar medals should all track. Mortar only counts on impact kills
    • "The booty has been reset" should no longer display for no reason at the start of TDM
    • Fixed file formatting issue that may have caused various uncommon bugs
    • End screen visuals shouldn't be layered with ram shakes, sounds, heartbeats, or bleeding
    • Pumping, Ship speeds, Swivel shot type etc UI should go away if you are on them at the time the ship is destroyed
    • Fixed issue where disconnecting players would bug objects
    • Adjustments made to the third person reload system to make the progress sync more reliable
    • Swivel projectiles travel twice as fast so they are more reliable
    • Fixed handful of icebergs missing colliders
    • Players no longer die if they shoot a cannon at extremely close range to another ship
    • Should no longer be possible for a hole to become green and unfixable
    • Players at random locations of a ship won't be killed during a ram
    • Tomahawk should be more lethal and bounce off players less due to ping

    Dakota & Tyler]]>
    3.45 Thu, 13 Sep 2018 17:04 CEST
      Quality of Life
    • Both teams are now checked for balance, should the difference be > 3 then ungrouped solo players will be alerted and then moved back to the teamselect menu where the usual sorting limitations will balance things back out. This can be disabled with "allowSoloAutobalance" for server admins.

    • Map rotation is no longer random to make it feel more random with less consecutive storms and nights.

    • /suicide can be used like the old button should you become stuck

    • Grapples now glow yellow due to a point made by the community, that a captain may not want them released and a new player may immediately assume red means bad.

    • Admins can not do /alert msg to send a red notification to all players

    • When your faction is holding the booty in CTB your base location marker should force itself to display

    • Adjusted some of the fall sensitivity variables around the shores of islands to not be so deadly. Further adjustments will be made.

    • Fixed an issue caused by holding the booty during a round reset

      More bug fixing and quality of life updates to come!

      Dakota & Tyler
    3.4 Thu, 30 Aug 2018 14:55 CEST
    -When a hole is below water it should spray white bubbles to make it easier to see
    -Melee now waits for you to be in idle position before blocking again, before it could be spammed
    -Heated shot easier to grab quickly
    -Crouching in low water (enough to trigger overlay) should now put you out if on fire
    -Annley/Matchlock should now have a 3rd person reload
    -Health icon on players updated
    -Health icon should blink if bleeding
    -Switching weapons should interrupt your heal
    -The mast being destroyed on the cutter shouldn’t kill you if you’re on the wheel
    -“R to respawn” should appear if in the water or far from your ship
    -Admins should be able to warn players through the scoreboard
    -Popup if you haven’t watched tutorial/chosen to skip it (placeholder until single player tutorial is finished)
    -When a ship sinks with a booty on deck it should not stick and reset with the ship, should also apply to dropping a booty on deck as a ship is going down
    -Notifications for ticket changes
    -Winning grapple gives that team 500 score
    -Captain wins should no longer increase by 2 in both stats and on the leaderboard
    -'Kills' in player options data type changed, should no longer show a negative value if you have too many kills
    -Suicide button removed (replaced by R function)
    -You should get 200 points for giving another player a beverage, only every 60 seconds
    -Lowering sails increases turn handling

    Tyler & Dakota]]>
    3.3 Tue, 07 Aug 2018 16:40 CEST

    • Added 7 new female hairstyles

    • Cruizer reduced sink rate by 15%
    • Hoy reduced sink rate by 5% & Increased speed by 5%
    • Xebec increased turn rate by 10% & increased speed by 10%
    • Doubled the segment repairs on destroyed main masts
    • Duckfoot now shoots projectiles like the blunderbuss but 30% shorter in range

    • Players can now drop the chest anywhere on the deck
    • 1000 points now awared to team that captures a booty
    • It now takes 3 seconds to pick up the chest holding the use key
    • Chest UI always on and slightly smaller in size
    • Waterspouts are disabled in this mode

      [Quality of Life]
    • Melee blocking now occurs the moment a player right clicks instead of waiting for the whole animation to play
    • Updated numerous outfit textures that may have been confusing between factions
    • Short pistol sound reverted to old one
    • Ship range now updates automatically instead of needing a manual update
    • You no longer are able to spot ships through rock cliffs, icebergs and your own ship hull
    • Ship labels will be occluded by rock cliffs, icebergs and your own ship hull even when spyglass is up
    • Ship range now is visible always while aiming a cannon or on captain's wheel
    • Volcano map is now much brighter and more visible
    • Night maps also have had a slight increase in visibility

      [Bug fix]
    • Attempted fix for more accurate colliders for Icebergs and Rock cliff maps
    • Attempted fix for the connection issues from character meshbuilding
    • Ship docks now have colliders for ships
    • Timeout for disconnect increased by 50%

    • Print ff toggle now shown in game log
    • /ff Should only work if server initially had it on
    • Now can provide reasons for Kick, confirmation and timeout duration
    • Kicks and mutes now provided in log

      As a side note we do have an intended hotfix out soon:
    • Short Pistol should now do 100dmg when within 5ft of enemy
    • Don't popup notify booty drop unless player is killed holding it
    • Toggle using ALT key for ship range while on wheel/cannons
    • Removing flags from ship info
    • Fixing stuck reset 90 UI on booty reset

      More to come!

      Dakota & Tyler
    3.2 Tue, 17 Jul 2018 04:17 CEST
    A ship focusing on being tanky while being less manueverable.

    Will eventually be the fastest large ship of the seas.

    The bomb ketch's big brother.

    All ships will continue to be balanced with each patch.

    Full notes:

    - 3 ships added

    - Fixed some ice patches in unfortunate locations

    - Many new players mistook the tutorial video on the main menu for being a patch review video. We've added the word tutorial and made it clear until we eventually have a playable tutorial.

    - Grape damage has been doubled (was 13 per pellet)

    - Moderators on servers can now use /ff to toggle friendly fire. This should help griefing when mod activity starts getting low.

    - CONNECTION ISSUES: We have 3 new ideas to try in regards to connection issues that appear for some players when joining a server with more than ~30 players. The first is included in this patch, the other two will appear as hotfixes soon.

    We have many more updates headed your way! We are currently also working on adding new map type variations, islands and environments. More will be shown soon! :)

    Note: Pictures not using in game ocean

    Dakota & Tyler]]>
    3.195 Mon, 11 Jun 2018 23:51 CEST

    - Capture the booty rounds now back to 3

    - Mast repairing is now broken down into 20 or 40 quick repair segments depending on ship size

    - Added light background behind your name in teamselect

    - Fixed and added a navy hat that was supposed to be added last patch

    - 3rd person reload weapon animations are in place for most weapons

    A few other things were done in preparation of the next patch but are not listed here (or in the game)

    June 17 3.195

    - No more bleeding during voting from friendly fire

    - Hammer and beverage pull out are faster

    - We've adjusted the 3rd person reload animation to scale with the actual weapon so it finishes on time and also accounts for resuming a paused reload

    - Grapeshot damage per pellet reduced 50%

    - Added an info box to powder explaining all cannon steps

    - Fixed bug where if a round ended while a mast was destroyed that ship could not move if built again

    - Ticket reward from grappling slightly reduced

    Expect to see these new ships and the fort replaced with a much more optimized and balanced version soon!

    3.17 Thu, 17 May 2018 15:28 CEST
    - Resupply crate is no longer used for changing loadout, we've gone back to the M key system

    - Fixed visual issue where changing your vote did not subtract from your old selection. The votes were still counted correctly serverside

    - Pirate outfit with white arms adjusted to not look so Navy-like

    - Server owners can disable experimental modes using allowExperimentalModes=0

    - Cannon damage to players now begins to progressively decrease past 500m. At 700m no players will be injured from an impact but a hole will still be created. At 600m the radius of damage has been reduced 50%, for example. This is to combat ships staying at max range and fighting, boring their crew and making their gameplay experience repetitive.

    - Numerous Navy hats and outfits added

    3.18 May 28 2018

    - You win more tickets for a successful grapple

    - You no longer lose as many tickets for losing a grapple

    - When grappling a ship both crews get an immediate respawn

    - CTB bases are now closer to the islands

    - CTB capture count to win is now 4

    - CTB chest has a 90 second respawn

    - CTB chest capture zones have been moved further inland]]>
    Patch 3.1 Tue, 24 Apr 2018 21:50 CEST

    As many of you know conquest was removed in 3.1, for more information on that see this post:

    - End of round mode voting added

    - Conquest removed, replaced with two individual modes for siege and naval TDM

    - Lowered requirements for all hats by 1 prestige as they originally were supposed to be

    - Water spout spawns have been moved further out after play area increase so they don't spawn on your ship

    - Capture the booty added back

    We will continue to monitor and hotfix this patch as needed!

    Follow up patches:

    3.12 April 25 2018

    Siege changes:

    - Defenders respawn 30% faster

    - Attacking team gains a spawn checkpoint once gate is destroyed

    - Defending team can build 1 ship at the start of the round

    - Tower health increased to 25

    TDM changes:

    - 30 seconds post-construction spawn protection for ships

    3.13 April 26 2018

    - Being below water on the ropes should no longer count as defending during a grapple

    - Waterspouts should no longer work on ships with no mast

    - Siege objective text should update when you join late

    - Vote screen more clearly shows where your vote went

    - Made adjustments to try and fix issue where defending siege team could not spawn initial line of defending ships

    - Defenders should no longer get a long respawn time right after side switch

    - Siege timer after side switch now closer matches that of the time it took the Navy to attack

    - CTB no longer has a draw state, last team that captured the chest wins if it is equal

    3.14 April 27 2018

    - Announcer voices added to CTB

    - Siege is no longer the startup mode because a filling server will always have a slow attack

    - Fixed error where once the cart began to push it would not stop unless no one was near

    - Wooden dock added to TDM and CTB

    - All ships should now de spawn once the gate is destroyed in Siege, since a spawn checkpoint is reached

    - Can now change your votes

    - Fixed issue where defending team could attack the attacking teams towers so the next round was easier for them

    3.16 May 6 2018

    - Siege side switch should heal ships

    - Grabbing onto (using) an object should now prevent you from being lifted into a waterspout

    - Siege should now properly draw

    - Tower health reduced to 15 from 25

    - Can now start a vote to end the round in the escape menu

    - Siege fort duty has been inversed, defenders now only get a single 13 player ship

    - Mortar range increased to be closer to the range of a ship

    - CTB now has two islands the chest will randomly respawn on instead of one

    - CTB chest now resets after 90 seconds instead of 2 minutes

    - Docks pushed further out from the shore]]>
    Coming in 3.1 Tue, 17 Apr 2018 17:22 CEST

    Based on our poll about 2 weeks ago, the majority of you, and us, were in favor of mode voting. We thought we would go ahead and break the silence to say that this along with other changes and fixes are on the way. With mode voting players can vote on the next mode to play but it can't be the same as the previous (to prevent issues noted in the last news post)

    The biggest change however is the removal of conquest. Conquest is being torn apart into two modes, traditional TDM and attack/defend turn based Siege where the fastest flag capture wins. Balances were causing too much collateral damage to the two aspects of conquest, they will be easier when handled as their own modes.

    This system has entered closed testing, hopefully hitting the live game soon. Then shortly after CTB will be re introduced.

    Update: All of those concerned about the removal of conquest, we did this because we would rather split the mode up and focus on each aspect so it can shine rather than keep them combined in a mode that felt incomplete. For example, the TDM aspect of conquest was hurt if we made the forts too powerful, and the Siege aspect was hurt if we made the forts too irrelevant. For TDM to be the war at sea it should be it must remain its own mode, and for Siege to be the invasion of a heavily armed fort that it should be it also needs to be its own mode. Keeping them in a single mode was holding back what we could do with each.]]>
    Old & New mode integration Poll Fri, 06 Apr 2018 08:48 CEST
    We are looking at community feedback to reinteragrate the old game modes fleet and ctb (this time with 3v3 support) back into the game.

    If those other modes are reimplemented, the current conquest mode will have more focus on fort attack, possibly turning it into a rush style game mode like Battlefield. One side will be the attackers while the other will be defenders. We'll also have new and randomised fort layouts.

    The current dilemma is that right now with our small tight-knit community we are deciding whether or not each round should force play a different mode. This will provide a bit more variety and feeling of content rather than playing the same mode over and over.

    We understand some players prefer to play the same mode and may leave if another mode they aren't too fond of pops on. Given the handful of servers, the ability to choose the mode gives a few problems.

    The first being that we may not get to balance out specific modes because they are not played enough.
    The second is the reoccuring case when we implemented the other 2 modes last year. People never got to experience the other modes and assumed the game was only TDM.

    Please voice your opinion at the poll vote below:]]>
    3.08 Thu, 05 Apr 2018 18:12 CEST

    3.08 April 5 2018

    - 10 pirate outfits added

    - 7 pirate hats added

    - Attempted fix for unkillable (but also unable to harm players) bug that resulted as a fix for the rare respawn loop bug

    - Grapeshot now only has 30% chance to kill players, the rest bleed

    - Grapeshot cone spread increased 30%

    - Grapeshot range increased 40%

    - Fixed badly located hole on cruiser]]>