Patch 3.88

Posted on November 2nd, 2019 01:29 AM EST
To the people still enjoying Blackwake here's a patch for you!

- Tortuga map should now properly load in
- Melee blocking has had its time limit removed due to popular request
- Damaging bots should show a hitmarker
- Joining late should no longer display dead bots as frozen
- Bots should now die from fires started by fire shot
- Bot auto-death on a grapple attach should no longer cost tickets
- Bots killed by FF should not cost tickets
- Score rewarded for killing enemy bots
- Bots should properly spawn in with just 1 player min.
- Bot deaths should no longer bug CTB capture counter
- CTB now has a cfg setting for no time limit for private competitive matches 'compCTB'
- Joining a server that has bots disabled should no longer show frozen in mid ship
- "Someone is using this" should now properly stop you from using cannons
- cfg for siege is now 'allowFortModes'
- Fixed ships sticking to new islands map

We have some upcoming news about Blackwake which will be revealed soon. For now see you on the seven seas!

Dakota & Tyler
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