3.83 Patch Notes

Posted on March 25th, 2019 08:34 AM EST
Ahoy lads, a new patch will be pushed today. It will contain some balance changes to bring the side arms in line and some needed bug fixes.

  • Short pistol fixed to 100dmg within 3 meters, 50dmg further
  • Short pistol reload speed increased by 2 seconds
  • Annley now has 20% chance to bleed per shot from 0%
  • Annley now increased bleed rate of 50% from 0%
  • Annley reload anim sped up by 150%
  • Annley shoot anim sped up by 150%
  • Matchlock revolver now 100% chance to bleed from 0%
  • Axe swing speed increased by 20%
  • Standard pistol reduced to 50dmg per shot

[Bug fixes]
  • Fixed bug where demasted large ships to repsawn demasted
  • Fixed bug where crew to sometimes spawn in ocean after their ship had sunk
  • Fixed bug where Galleon top mast's to be unclimbable
  • Fixed bug where the Bomb Vessel's nose tip caused players to fall through it
  • Fixed bug where changing teams caused damaged ship status UI to stick
  • Fixed bug where changing teams caused grappled ship status UI to stick
  • Fixed bug where undamaged ships would have calm ocean clip through the deck
  • Fixed bug where Win Screen would not display correct CTB team win info
  • Made hitting meleeing legs through rigging more responsive

  • Added SFX to indicate cannon turning
  • Raised ship info to not obscure captain view while sailing
  • Joining while win screen up now has a wait timer for next round
  • Added the final section of boarding to the ingame tutorial

We definitely have some more bugs and polishing to do before we release the game. We are also going to be actively looking into the siege overhaul and two new island maps before our 4.0 Release.

See you on the seas!
Tyler & Dakota

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