Posted on January 25th, 2019 01:59 PM EST
Quality of life
  • Tooltips now flash yellow (they can be disabled completely in options)
  • Shot type descriptions added
  • Galleon sink rate decreased 15%, speed increased by 10%
  • Dagger swing speed +3x
  • Bottle swing speed +1.5x
  • Bottle bleeds 3x more severely than default rate
  • Axe swings 2x slower
  • Axe is now a one hit kill
  • Rapier has a 50% chance to bleed each swing
  • Rapier swing speed +2x
  • Cutlass swing speed +2x
  • Ramming now bleeds players within a radius of the impact
  • Ship spawn protection down to 35 from 60
  • Crew spawn protection (on a new ship) down to 10 from 60
  • Respawn protection distance from ship reduced to 40m from 100m
Bug Fixes
  • Adjusted cannon aiming code to lessen collision launching player
  • Island radius capture zone for CTB reverted
  • Fixed invisible colliders getting in the way of bullets on every ship, causing missed shots
  • Addressed collision issues that would allow ships to sail on top of other ships if they were low in the water

See you on the seas!

- Dakota & Tyler
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