Posted on January 13th, 2019 01:05 PM EST
- Cannon loading/firing section added to tutorial
- Tutorial has ultrawide 21:9 support
- Fixed issue where mods would experience stuck kick menu in some cases
- Fixed issue where ship labels may blink the old ship name when building a new ship
- Made adjustment to chat box that may have caused text to cut off
- Supply crates have had their LOD extended so players hiding behind them aren't visible
- Captain can no longer slide off the wheel
- Enemy nose can no longer push captains off the wheel
- Fixed inverted glare in spyglass
- CTB map adjusted to allow more competitive interceptions
- CTB chest can now be captured from sea (not final)
- Ticket scaling for the NEXT round can be toggled by an admin/mod using /ticketscale
- Time limit reached win screen text changed to the leading team
- Blocked weapon switch effect while spectating
- Fixed interact zone of resupply area interrupting gunshots
- If another ship is too close to a docked ship spawn point it will sink on construct
- Clunky foot movement in tutorial has been fixed
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