Posted on July 16th, 2018 09:17 PM EST
We apologize for how long this patch took to release. While finishing up the two ships shown in the last news post we finished modeling our final ship, so we decided to add that too. Three new ships were added with this patch.

A ship focusing on being tanky while being less manueverable.

Will eventually be the fastest large ship of the seas.

The bomb ketch's big brother.

All ships will continue to be balanced with each patch.

Full notes:

- 3 ships added

- Fixed some ice patches in unfortunate locations

- Many new players mistook the tutorial video on the main menu for being a patch review video. We've added the word tutorial and made it clear until we eventually have a playable tutorial.

- Grape damage has been doubled (was 13 per pellet)

- Moderators on servers can now use /ff to toggle friendly fire. This should help griefing when mod activity starts getting low.

- CONNECTION ISSUES: We have 3 new ideas to try in regards to connection issues that appear for some players when joining a server with more than ~30 players. The first is included in this patch, the other two will appear as hotfixes soon.

We have many more updates headed your way! We are currently also working on adding new map type variations, islands and environments. More will be shown soon! :)

Note: Pictures not using in game ocean

Dakota & Tyler
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