Posted on September 24th, 2018 11:06 AM EST
Another update! We are still chipping away at getting bugs sorted and more to come soon.

Bug Fixes

  • Ram, rapier, and hand mortar medals should all track. Mortar only counts on impact kills
  • "The booty has been reset" should no longer display for no reason at the start of TDM
  • Fixed file formatting issue that may have caused various uncommon bugs
  • End screen visuals shouldn't be layered with ram shakes, sounds, heartbeats, or bleeding
  • Pumping, Ship speeds, Swivel shot type etc UI should go away if you are on them at the time the ship is destroyed
  • Fixed issue where disconnecting players would bug objects
  • Adjustments made to the third person reload system to make the progress sync more reliable
  • Swivel projectiles travel twice as fast so they are more reliable
  • Fixed handful of icebergs missing colliders
  • Players no longer die if they shoot a cannon at extremely close range to another ship
  • Should no longer be possible for a hole to become green and unfixable
  • Players at random locations of a ship won't be killed during a ram
  • Tomahawk should be more lethal and bounce off players less due to ping

Dakota & Tyler
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