Posted on September 13th, 2018 10:04 AM EST
3.45 contains a few things that didn't quite make it into 3.4:

    Quality of Life
  • Both teams are now checked for balance, should the difference be > 3 then ungrouped solo players will be alerted and then moved back to the teamselect menu where the usual sorting limitations will balance things back out. This can be disabled with "allowSoloAutobalance" for server admins.

  • Map rotation is no longer random to make it feel more random with less consecutive storms and nights.

  • /suicide can be used like the old button should you become stuck

  • Grapples now glow yellow due to a point made by the community, that a captain may not want them released and a new player may immediately assume red means bad.

  • Admins can not do /alert msg to send a red notification to all players

  • When your faction is holding the booty in CTB your base location marker should force itself to display

  • Adjusted some of the fall sensitivity variables around the shores of islands to not be so deadly. Further adjustments will be made.

  • Fixed an issue caused by holding the booty during a round reset

    More bug fixing and quality of life updates to come!

    Dakota & Tyler
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