Posted on August 30th, 2018 07:55 AM EST
Almost halfway to our journey to 4.0 (release and beyond), 3.4 brings many quality of life changes with some small adjustments to healing and sailing. Some changes have been moved into the smaller upcoming 3.45 patch so they can be approached more carefully.

-When a hole is below water it should spray white bubbles to make it easier to see
-Melee now waits for you to be in idle position before blocking again, before it could be spammed
-Heated shot easier to grab quickly
-Crouching in low water (enough to trigger overlay) should now put you out if on fire
-Annley/Matchlock should now have a 3rd person reload
-Health icon on players updated
-Health icon should blink if bleeding
-Switching weapons should interrupt your heal
-The mast being destroyed on the cutter shouldn’t kill you if you’re on the wheel
-“R to respawn” should appear if in the water or far from your ship
-Admins should be able to warn players through the scoreboard
-Popup if you haven’t watched tutorial/chosen to skip it (placeholder until single player tutorial is finished)
-When a ship sinks with a booty on deck it should not stick and reset with the ship, should also apply to dropping a booty on deck as a ship is going down
-Notifications for ticket changes
-Winning grapple gives that team 500 score
-Captain wins should no longer increase by 2 in both stats and on the leaderboard
-'Kills' in player options data type changed, should no longer show a negative value if you have too many kills
-Suicide button removed (replaced by R function)
-You should get 200 points for giving another player a beverage, only every 60 seconds
-Lowering sails increases turn handling

Tyler & Dakota
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