Posted on August 7th, 2018 09:40 AM EST

  • Added 7 new female hairstyles

  • Cruizer reduced sink rate by 15%
  • Hoy reduced sink rate by 5% & Increased speed by 5%
  • Xebec increased turn rate by 10% & increased speed by 10%
  • Doubled the segment repairs on destroyed main masts
  • Duckfoot now shoots projectiles like the blunderbuss but 30% shorter in range

  • Players can now drop the chest anywhere on the deck
  • 1000 points now awared to team that captures a booty
  • It now takes 3 seconds to pick up the chest holding the use key
  • Chest UI always on and slightly smaller in size
  • Waterspouts are disabled in this mode

    [Quality of Life]
  • Melee blocking now occurs the moment a player right clicks instead of waiting for the whole animation to play
  • Updated numerous outfit textures that may have been confusing between factions
  • Short pistol sound reverted to old one
  • Ship range now updates automatically instead of needing a manual update
  • You no longer are able to spot ships through rock cliffs, icebergs and your own ship hull
  • Ship labels will be occluded by rock cliffs, icebergs and your own ship hull even when spyglass is up
  • Ship range now is visible always while aiming a cannon or on captain's wheel
  • Volcano map is now much brighter and more visible
  • Night maps also have had a slight increase in visibility

    [Bug fix]
  • Attempted fix for more accurate colliders for Icebergs and Rock cliff maps
  • Attempted fix for the connection issues from character meshbuilding
  • Ship docks now have colliders for ships
  • Timeout for disconnect increased by 50%

  • Print ff toggle now shown in game log
  • /ff Should only work if server initially had it on
  • Now can provide reasons for Kick, confirmation and timeout duration
  • Kicks and mutes now provided in log

    As a side note we do have an intended hotfix out soon:
  • Short Pistol should now do 100dmg when within 5ft of enemy
  • Don't popup notify booty drop unless player is killed holding it
  • Toggle using ALT key for ship range while on wheel/cannons
  • Removing flags from ship info
  • Fixing stuck reset 90 UI on booty reset

    More to come!

    Dakota & Tyler
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